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Forest Playing Cards

A set of fully illustrated casino quality playing cards inspired by my love of forest flora and fauna. Each card is uniquely illustrated including all the suits, face cards, jokers and back designs.


I had a lot of fun researching different playing card designs and a variety of different mushrooms and fruits that I could match to the different suits, for example I chose to use strawberries for the hearts cards because of their shape and colour. I also illustrated the custom tuck box to house the playing cards featuring a variation of my logo and further forest flora.

The inspiration for these playing cards came from a simple illustration I created in my sketchbook. I used coloured pencils to draw a variety of different mushrooms with a textured background. I really liked the the textures and limited colour palette and the rectangular composition made me start to think about the detailed back designs of playing cards. This is where my journey to making my own playing cards began.

If you are interested in owning your own set of these cards head over to my Etsy shop here where you can also browse the other illustrated products I have available.

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